Yer favorite tradin' port an' plunderin' spot's been overrun by the undead! Best send them back to Davy Jones' locker, so ye can get back to lootin'!

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Port Town requires Rubygame version 2.3.0, with image support.

Source: porttown-1.0.0.tar.gz

Gem: porttown-1.0.0.gem

Github: git://github.com/atiaxi/porttown.git


If you downloaded this as a gem, just do (as root):

    gem install porttown-.gem

If you downloaded the .tar.gz or used github, no installation is necessary.


The pinnacle of my artistic ability:

Friday, June 13th: Friday, June 13th

Initial map display: Initial Screenshot



If you installed the gem, you should just be able to type 'porttown' at the command prompt. Keep in mind some distros don't automatically put the gems binary directory in the path; on my system it's /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin

If you're running this from source:

    tar -zxvf porttown-<version>.tar.gz
    cd porttown-<version>


This section explains how to play the default map ("pirates").

You are the pirates, fighting to take the town back from zombies. Each turn, you will be able to place between 1 and 3 new pirates. Valid spots include anywhere you already have pirates, or anywhere next to that. Keep in mind you can only have 10 pirates at any one location.

When you have placed all your pirates, the zombies (played by the computer) will get between 1 and 6 new zombies, and place them randomly.

At the end of the turn, if there are pirates and zombies in the same location, they will fight. Each pirate will roll 2 dice against each zombie, and that zombie rolls one die. If either of the pirate's rolls beat the zombie's, the pirates win. If the zombie rolls better, the zombie kills the pirate, who himself rises as another zombie. Pirates can also critically hit if they roll 2 ones, and automatically win. Once the pirates have fought the zombies, the zombies fight back similarly.

For every 4 civilians in a pirate-occupied square, you can loot enough swag to pay for another pirate, who will appear in that location. Zombies also have a chance to turn civilians undead.

You win if, at the end of the turn, there are more pirates in the Graveyard than zombies, and you lose if there are more zombies at the Pirate Ship than pirates.

Good luck!



Port Town supports hotseat multiplayer. To have someone else play the zombies, use the --human option:

    porttown --human 2

This indicates that player 2 is to be human. Similarly, to play as zombies against computer controlled pirates:

    porttown --human 2 --cpu 1


By default, messages will last on screen for 3 seconds, and the AI will wait 2.5 seconds before making a move, so you can see the results. To speed this up you can click the messages to force the AI to move, or use the --text-speed and --ai-speed options:

    porttown --text-speed 5000 --ai-speed 1000

That setting would make the text persist for 5 seconds, but the AI would only take one second to move.

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